Imagine a scenario where a place, a landmark or even an artwork comes alive and presents images and sounds which connect it in a deeply personalized manner to the person strolling through it. With a personal communicator cum cyber-interactordevice or in situ media devices, embodies spaces invite and afford interactions, enabling person and space to mutually enrich on another. The mission of this project is to develop innovative sentient systems and environments for use-inspired IDM applications, which includes virtual-Real world interactions, Sentient environment, Context-aware systems and platform, Localization, 3D scene understanding & modelling.



  • Use-inspired application-driven research.
  • Develop architecture of an intelligent sensing and communications infrastructure that works in conjunction with virtual worlds.
  • Through use-inspired applications develop key technologies that form the foundation of intelligent embodied spaces.
  • Address the linkage between physical & virtual worlds.
  • Adopt an open platform that allows community participation and contributions to evolve appropriate and relevant standards.

Completed Project

  1. Virtual-Real World Interactions
  2. AMI Platform
  3. Localization
  4. 3D Scene Understand & Modelling

Research focus

  • Pervasive and intelligent sensing environments and spaces.
  • Autonomic and responsive communication and network fabric.
  • Distributed data caching and management.
  • Scalable location sensing.
  • Virtual / mirror world visualization and interaction.
  • Embodied media interaction.