Bao Haitao: Cluster Based Cooperative Localization in Ad Hoc Networks
Cheg Penghe: Context Data Management
Gao Zhi and PuYing:
Motion Estimation by Using Quasi-parallax
Guo Qinfeng: Tracking mobile objects using the Cricket Motes System
Hu Zhengqing: Integrated Sensing System for Automobiles
Ingwar Wirjawan: Network Infrastructure for IDM Applications
Jungho Yeom: Cultural Experience in Public Space and 3D Participatory World
Jiang Nianjuan: Symmetric Architecture Modeling with a Single Image
Li Kang: 3D Interactive Virtual World in Unity
Lu Yu: When Ambient Intelligence Meets Internet: User-Context applications Context Module Framework and its applications
Meng Xiaoli: Displacement Estimation in Micro-sensor Motion Capture
Prateek Srivastava: Real-time Action and Activity Recognition
Sun Ju: Human Action Recognition and Detection In Video Sequences

Robust Approach ttoo 3D Motion Segmentation via Matrix Rank Minimization

Sun Wen: Inter-communication issues in Body Sensor Networks
Wang Jin: Content Distribution on Ad hoc networks with Network Coding
Wang Ke: Ad-Hoc Network QoS Provisioning using Cognitive Networks
Wang Lei: Integrated Positioning System
Yang Sishuo: Video Stream Distribution System
Yu Jinqiang: Dynamic Association in Wireless Mesh Networks
Zhu Jian: SOLE: Context-Aware Sharing of Living Experience in Mobile Environments
Jin Yunye: Robust Indoor Pedestrian Tracking
Dr. Gao Zhi: Crowd Density Estimation